What Will You Get In Android Oreo ?

“Android Oreo” Finally came and even some Nexus and Pixel users reported that they have already started receiving the update. There are many features that make Android Orio so special and also unique.

(Photo Courtesy: Google)

Earlier this week Google revealed the official name of the Android 8.0 as ‘Android Oreo’. They also made the new Android Oreo available for download. But there is twist also, new update only available for Pixel and Nexus devices.


The new android comes with many interesting features such that picture in picture mode that allows videos to small pop ups and while that you can do another work on your phone. The Install unknown apps permission replaces the Allow unknown sources setting that would let you install apps from third-party sources. New notification feature is also unique such that ‘Notification Dots’ which shows which app has a notification, with a long tap on the app a new notification menu appears.


(Photo Courtesy: Google)

There is a feature ‘Auto Fill’ that remembers the logins and you can open your app without any interruption. Also comes with new settings menu, new emojis, and fast booting speed. In Android Oreo, your phone’s battery life will increase. 

It is interesting to see that how Android Oreo performs and when it will available for every smartphone.

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