Tom Clancy’s The Division Has A New Free Update

Famous game Tom Clancy’s The Division getting a new update. Ubisoft announced this Update 1.7 for all platforms PS4, Xbox One, and PC. New global events, commendation, new gear, and customization are included in this update.

The Size of the update is around 6 to 8 GB, depending on the platform (PS4, Xbox or Pc). There are two custom game modifiers to choose from, Namely, Global and Activity, which both forces players to change their playstyle. The global event is a huge update for the division, taking parts in the global events will award you with tokens that you can use to purchase classified gear caches and unique vanity items.


The new feature Face Mask allows players to customize the look of their agents. using new customization option player can re-customize their characters appearance and remove shades and face masks. There is an encrypted cache which is basically a loot container and it requires a key to open, cipher keys are required to open encrypted caches. Players can get unique appearance items, emotes and skins in encrypted caches.

The first global event starts today and will end on 22 August 2017.

The full patch notes can be read here.


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