Slap Bet Gone Wrong || A Boy Lost His Hearing Ability

On Thursday, a video emerged and gone viral on social media within few hour. This video belongs to a school in Noida named as The Pathways School. In this video, a class 10 student slapping at another student. After this incident that school boy lost his hearing part. This act was recorded and the video went viral online. The incident took place at Pathways School in Noida around 2 pm on September 4.

This video clip was uploaded on Snapchat.The student who was filming the whole incident can be heard saying words like ‘Snapchat Story’. In the video, four students can be seen including the victim. Victim’s father said,” The doctors told us that he had lost 25 per cent of his hearing ability”.

On Wednesday, those boys suspended from the school, after a complaint from victim’s mother. Noida police are saying that no complaint from boy’s family has been reached here.


Snapchat allows you to share pictures and videos messages, also called Snaps, with your friends for short time. These snaps can be from 10 to 15 seconds. Snapchat is mainly popular among youngsters.