Share Snapchat Stories Outside Of The App

Now you can share Snapchat stories anywhere on the web. Today Snap announced that Snapchat stories share feature is now live for iOS and Android users.

This feature works in the same like we share Facebook posts, Instagram Posts, and Tweets from Twitter. This feature is limited to only Discover Tab stories and Search Stories as for now. This feature is available for everyone on the new updated and redesigned Snapchat app.

Users who are living in countries like Canada and Australia will get this features first and will be able to share stories outside of the app. This feature will be available for rest of the world over the upcoming weeks. The company is expanding the reach of the Snapchat app with this new function.

You can share Snapchat stories on other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. When you share on Facebook, you will see a preview picture (like other sites ex. Youtube, Facebook) and a link to the full story. All type of stories including Our stories and Search stories will last for only 30 Days outside of the app. The Discover story will expire after 24 hours.

Source: Engadget