Rainbow Six Siege New Update: Operation Blood Orchid

Ubisoft’s super hit game Rainbox Six Siege released in 2015, after the release this game got many updates because this is an online game so updates are part of this. So the news is that Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new big update, and named as Operation Blood Orchid. On August 29, Operation Blood Orchid will be released for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. 

In this update, you will get a new map, new customization items, and three new Operator to Rainbow Six Siege. The new map will available for free to all on 29 August and the three new operators will be available only to Season Pass holders on that date. But don’t worry you can purchase operators on September 5.

Ubisoft will give more details about this update during its Livestream at Gamecon on 26 August. One more thing, Rainbow Six Siege just hit the 20 million registered gamers last week.

(SOURCE: Ubisoft)

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