6 New Android Apps Of October – November 2017

6 New Android Apps Of October – November 2017 : There are so many new apps on to play store that you can download but be getting the right one, is a difficult task. That’s why we created a list of new Android apps of this month. In my opinion, these are the best new apps and I highly recommend you to download these apps. The latest app is from Google, which is basically a UPI payment app, an app from Ubisoft and more. Some apps are free to download and some are paid. So let’s take a look at these New Android Apps of October – November.  

6 New Android Apps Of October – November 2017

1. Mixer Creator

mixer creator

This is new video streaming app from Microsoft. This app is basically for gamers because this app allows you to live stream gameplays from your Smartphone. This app uses Mixer’s FTL protocol (Faster Than Light). You can go live directly from your phone by pushing a button. There is chat option which helps you to interact with your viewers while streaming. You can use your Smartphone manage chats during streams from your PC. If you want to stream from your phone then download this app from Play Store.

2. Google Tez

Google Tez

This is a new online payment app from Google. This app is only for Indian users. Google Tez allows you to send or receive payments directly to your bank account. Tez uses NPCI (National Payments Corporation Of India) UPI (Unified Payments Interface) for secure transactions. Best features are – Transfer money directly from the bank, with a cash mode one can send and receive money without sharing personal details like bank account number.

3. DisneyNOW


This is not a new app but this is the merge of all Disney TV apps. Recently Disney merged Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD into one app and named it DisneyNOW. You can add you Netflix or Hulu profile. Once you log in with your service, you will get all the access to this app and you can watch this any Disney Show and Disney Original Movies. So that’s it for this app.

4. Split Screen Creator

Split Screen Creator

This is an amazing app. Split Screen Creator makes multitasking easier. By using this app you can use two apps on one screen at the same time. This is a very useful app but there are some problems with this app. If you have a phone with Android 7.0 then its ok but if your phone’s android version is below Android 7.0 then this app will not run. This app is not compatible for MIUI. So these are some upside and downside of this app. If you interested in this app then definitely check out this app on Play Store.

5. Gyroscope

Gyroscope nextaster

Gyroscope is a fitness app. This is an unreleased app and unstable on some devices. This app is connected with Google Fit. Gyroscope records your footsteps and daily routine and gives you the health report on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This is a free app. With the free version, you will get only basic features and with pro version, you will get all features. It is in beta version for now so it is unstable.

6 . mCent Browser

mcent browser nextaster

mCent is a browser but there are some things that make it different. This is a basically a web browser that gives you point while you surf the internet, and you use those points for mobile recharge. You can find the latest news, trending videos and shop etc in this app. Some features of mCent Browsers are data saving mode, ad blocking, smart downloading and text only modes etc. This is a free app so definitely try this one.

So, these are the 6 New Android App of October – November 2017. If you have any question then please feel free to comment on the comment box.

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