How To Stop Windows 10 Updates

There is no way to turn off or stop automatic windows updates and security updates in Windows 10. But I’ve got a trick for you and by using this you can stop Windows 10 form getting new updates. This trick works in every Windows 10 edition like home, enterprise, pro, and education etc.

Windows 10 automatically check for updates and when it finds new updates, then it starts downloading new updates. Some parts of these updates are unnecessary. By downloading these updates we lose lots of internet data. If we prevent Windows 10 from automatically downloading new updates then we can use that internet data at other important works.

First, take a look at Windows updates –

Just type “Windows Updates” in Windows 10 search bar, just like below screenshot. (If you are a Windows 10 user then you are definitely familiar with the search bar which is located at left-bottom and right side of windows button)

Choose “Windows Updates Settings” from the search results. A new window will open and you can see all the updates here that are downloading at that time but there is no option to stop those updates. 

Here is how to stop Windows 10 from automatically downloading windows updates :

1. Type “Wi-fi Settings” in the Search bar of Windows 10 and right click on “Change Wifi Settings“.

2. Then a new window will open. Here find Advanced Settings and right click on it. 

wi-fi settings

3. In advanced settings there are two options first is to ‘Make This PC Discoverable’ and second is ‘Metered Connection’. Don’t touch ‘Make This PC Discoverable’ and just set your internet connection as metered by enabling ‘Set as metered connection‘ button. 

set as metered connection

4. By doing this Windows 10 won’t automatically download new Windows updates. It will ask you every time when a new update arrives. 

5. That’s it.

If you are using unlimited download connection at a specific time, you could disable the metered connection in Wi-Fi settings to download windows updates and enable it after the update are downloaded.

The ‘Set as metered connection‘ option only affects the Wi-fi network you are currently using. And windows will remember this settings and password for Wi-fi. 

By using this method you’ve tricked Windows that you are using a limited data plan or you are using mobile data connection through USB tethering. 

Now if any new update arrives then a new notification will ask you that ‘Updates are available click here to download’ and it will never automatically download new updates. 

So this is the method to stop Windows 10 automatic updates. Personally, I will not recommend you to use Windows 10 with updates because without updates your Windows 10 PC will not run properly. So if you are using limited data plan definitely apply this method but if you are using unlimited data plan then why not update your Windows 10 PC. If you have any question then feel free ask in comment box.

This trick will not work for ethernet. Click here to read how to do that. 

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Thanks for reading.