How To Install WordPress Plugin ?

If you are just starting a blog then this article is very useful for you. Every beginner blogger should know how to install WordPress Plugin. Plugin installation is a very easy task in this I will show you How to install Plugins in WordPress CMS (Content Management System).

Installing a plugin in WordPress CMS is the first step in creating your blog good looking. There are thousands of plugins available in WordPress and you have to choose the right one for your WordPress blog. 

The first thing you need to know that What is Plugin?

In simple term Plugin is a small software that contains functions that add some new functionality features to WordPress blog. Plugins are only available in the self-hosted version of WordPress ( Every plugin for WordPress written PHP programming language. 

There are 52970 plugins available on WordPress (According to You can add new features to your blog without knowing the programming language. 

There are thousands of plugins available for free and there are also premium plugins. Use free plugins when you are starting a blog and if you want full-time customer care support then purchase a premium plugin.

In this article I will share two methods to install WordPress Plugins :

1. Upload plugins and install

2. Search through WordPress dashboard and install


Method 1 : Upload And Install

The first thing you have to do is Log into your WordPress dashboard and find and find Plugins on the left side of the dashboard. Click on the plugins.

Now three options will appear Installed Plugins, Add New, and Editor. Here click on Add New.

Add New

A new page will open. Find Upload Plugin (At the right side Add Plugin text) and click on it.

Upload Plugin

Make sure you downloaded the plugin in your computer in .zip format.

After clicking on Upload Plugin then click on choose file. Now find the plugin on your hard drive then select it and click on Install Now button. 

After installing Activate That Plugin on the next page.


Method 2 : Search And Install

This is the easiest method. Just search and download plugin through your dashboard. 

Log in to your dashboard and click on Plugin > Add New

A new page will open now find a search box in this Add Plugin Page. The search box is located on the top right side. 

Type your search term (Plugin Name). For example, I am searching ‘Jetpack’ and I am getting these search results.

Search WordPress Plugin

Before downloading check the details and documentation of the plugin. 

Then click on the Install Now button. 

In few seconds plugin will be installed then click on Activate Plugin.

The last thing make sure to check the compatibility of the plugin then click on install button. 


If you want to remove any Plugin then click on Plugin > Installed Plugins and a list of installed plugins will be open, on this page deactivate and delete any Plugin. It is very simple. 

So these are the two simplest methods of installing WordPress Plugins. If you have any question related to activating, deactivating and deleting plugins, feel free to ask me in the comment section below. 

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