Facebook Launched A New Video Streaming Platform ‘Watch’ To Battle Youtube

Facebook launched a new service named as ‘Watch’. It is a new platform for video streaming. It will available on Mobiles, Desktop, Laptops and also in TV apps.

All you have to do is click on the ‘Watch’ Tab on Facebook and get access to this service. The Watch Tab first available for the US and in few weeks it will available for everyone. The shows are made up of episodes – live or recorded.

There is a ‘Watchlist’ feature where you can save episodes to catch later. You will also be able to comment and react on videos while you watch. It seems like Facebook is planning to take on Youtube. Facebook is funding some shows and inviting some creators to sign up in this program, once they are in, they will get a show page that we can follow and watch clips.

It will be interesting to see how ‘Watch’ performs in US and when Facebook will launch it outside US.

If you are a creator then you can join the Watch platform by clicking here

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