How To Export Chrome Bookmarks And Firefox Bookmarks || As Well As Import Bookmarks

How To Export Chrome Bookmarks And Firefox Bookmarks: Do you want to export your browser’s bookmarks? I will help you in this case whether you are using Chrome Browser or Firefox. Bookmark Exporting means backing up Bookmarks. In this article, I will teach you How to export and import bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox internet browsers. Most of the browsers export Bookmarks in HTML file.

You can use this trick or method to back up or export your Bookmarks. After backing up your bookmarks you can use that HTML file to Import bookmarks in any browser.


Google Chrome Browser


Exporting Bookmarks:

Step 1: First open Chrome browser and click on three dots on the right top side of the chrome window and then click on “Bookmarks”. After that click on “Bookmark Manager”.

Click on bookmarks manager


Step 2: In Bookmark Manager there are many options like Bookmarks Bar, Search Bookmarks and so on. Click on Organize, this option is located on the right side of Folders option. After that, a new menu will pop up, here select “Export bookmarks to HTML file…” This option will create a back up of bookmarks in an HTML file.

Click on organize


Step 3: Then it will ask you to select a location to save HTML file. Also, choose a name for HTML file. Fill file name and select type as Chrome HTML Document.

Find saving location

Step 4: Now you’ve selected a name and a location, it’s time to save your Bookmark’s HTML file. Click on “Save” to download HTML file. Your Bookmarks will begin downloading. You can now import this HTML to any internet browser.

Click on save


Importing Bookmarks:

Step 1: Open Chrome and click on three dots at the right top of the chrome browser.

Step 2: Click on Bookmarks and click “Bookmark manager”.

Step 3: In bookmark manager click on organize.

Step 4: Click on “Import bookmarks from HTML file”.

Step 5: File Explorer will open and here you will have to find back up file of your bookmarks in HTML file.

Step 6: Select your HTML file and click on “Open”.



Firefox Browser


Exporting Bookmarks:

Step 1: First open Firefox. Then click on the bookmarks icon, it is located on the right side of the search box. So click on it after that click on the “Show all bookmarks”. Then a new window will open with all bookmarks. Or simply use this shortcut – ctrl+shift+b.

Show bookmarks

Step 2: Now find “Import and backup” and click on it. Then few new menus will pop up. Then click on “Export bookmarks to HTML”, a file explorer will open.

Export bookmarks

Step 3: Here you have to find a location to save bookmarks in HTML file and a name for HTML file. Type you HTML file name in “File Name” and select your saving location. Type HTML file name in “File Name” option and select file type as HTML files.

Export bookmarks

Step 4: This is the last step. So click on the save button and HTML file or backup of bookmarks, it will save your Bookmarks files.

click on save

Importing Bookmarks:

Step 1: Click on Bookmarks icon.

Step 2: Select “Show all bookmarks”.

Step 3: Click on “Import and Backup”.

Step 4: Now select “Import bookmarks from HTML file.”

Step 5: A file explorer, here find back up file of your bookmarks in HTML format.

Step 6: Select that HTML file clicks on “Open”.

So this is all about How to export Chrome and Firefox bookmarks. Keep the HTML file in safe place. So that if accidentally uninstalled your browser then it will help to get back all your bookmarks. This is the best and simple way to export and import bookmarks. If you have any question related to this article then let me know in the comment box below.

Thanks for reading.

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