Destiny 2’s Open Beta Starts Today

Finally, Destiny 2’s beta is live now. You don’t need to preorder the game to play the demo. This beta is for only PC users. The beta will start 29 August at 6 PM in the UK.

If you want to try Destiny 2 Beta then head over to Destiny Website and create a account. The Beta will end on 31 August, may be it will extend like Xbox One and PS4’s Beta. Destiny 2’s Beta is very much similar to Xbox One and PS4’s Beta. The Difference between PC beta and Console Beta is graphics. PC Beta’s graphics are better than the console beta even game will run in 4K 60 Frames Per Second with HDR in PC.


This is beta, so players can play the first story mission, control competitive multiplayer mission and Inverted Spire Strike Mission. Also in PC beta, a new multiplayer map is included.

If you interested in Beta Access then click here.

Destiny 2 will officially release for PC on October 24, 2017.

Destiny 2’s PC Beta Trailer:

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