Call Of Duty: World War 2 Beta Is Getting More Unlocks With New Update

‘Private Beta’ of Call Of Duty: WW2 has started earlier this week on PlayStation 4. Players all around the world enjoying the Private Beta of COD: WW 2. Now it is getting an update. With this new update, new features will unlock in Private Beta such as new guns and equipment.

Developers are giving some new updates to the Private Beta to keep things interesting in the game. Everything has not revealed because it is an only beta for testing purpose, players who have been enjoying the beta so far will appreciate the mid-beta additions. This new update is now live for PS4. 

Level Cap will increase. Now level Cap is 25, with level increasing players can now unlock things like the Bouncing Betty mine and the Fighter Pilot scorestreak. Because this is a beta so Guns are limited, but with this update Two New Guns will unlock. Two new Guns will unlock when player reach the required level. A 1911 Pistol will unlock when a player reaches the level cap of 25.

Some new familiar equipment will unlock. An S-Mine 44 is available to unlock at level 21. The players who have played the Call Of Duty games before will recognize the equipment. Equipment was available for those players who have chosen the default class but with this update, equipment to be added to the individual classes.

First ‘Call Of Duty: WW 2 Private Beta’ runs until 28th August and Second Weekend is coming for Xbox and PC.