Everything You Need to Know About CPS Ad Networks

CPS (Cost Per Sale) or PPS (Pay Per Sale) is a marketing module where publishers advertise a product on their respective platform and get paid by the advertiser for each Sale that is initiated through their link.

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If you own a virtual space like a website or blog with reasonable traffic and you are willing to monetize the traffic that comes on your webpage, then you must go for CPS ads. App Discover offers vigorously growing CPS Affiliate Program where you can find all sort of CPS campaigns like that of Fashion Products, Diet Program, Health Products, and Computer Gadgets etc. We are associated with many reputed Indian and international clients. We stand out as one of the best CPS Affiliate Networks in India with multiple opportunities for advertisers and great payouts for publishers.

The people who have their own email database and have the facility to send emails to users can also extract the benefit from these CPS Affiliate Programs, as for the fact CPS campaigns are best-suited ad format for email marketing. A well planned follow up and communication with our audiences in a list can fetch some high-quality sales.

The astonishing revenues from CPS Affiliate marketing have made it the most famous ad format nationally and internationally. This campaign is most popular among the e-commerce advertisers as the numbers of products on those sites are very huge. The provision is to distribute a pre-determined percentage or a fixed amount on per sale basis with affiliates.

Our portal is open everyone who owns a website or blog with an impressive traffic and shows the potential to convert their traffic for our valued advertisers.

The benefits of CPS affiliate campaigns are numerous. For Example:

  • cost-efficiency
  • fraud-protection
  • Publisher-centric
  • Easy optimization
  • Longer exposure

We have accumulated the 5 Evergreen CPS Affiliate Ad Networks for You that is Publisher friendly and provides high commissions.

Apps Discover: Apps Discover Premium Mobile Ad Network is highly popular Mobile Advertising Platform in Asia. It offers the most preferred online affiliate programs & affiliate marketing products which help the advertisers across multiple industrial backgrounds to advertise their service offerings.

With some of the biggest names in the industry like, Snapdeal, network 18, Alibaba, etc. this easy to join network have some really good deals for the publisher who is willing to work in Cost Per Sale Ad format. They maximize ROI with quality traffic, global reach, and engaging AD formats that offers a great experience to the audiences that lets them bookmark Apps Discover for more.

Linkshare: Voted as No.1 ad network for 6 years consecutively by the industry, Linkshare is undoubtedly the ad network that empowers marketers. By now they have tactfully eclipsed their past performance by facilitating more than 100 million orders worldwide.

Through their global affiliate network, they facilitate marketers to engage shoppers through the entire consumer journey. Their affiliate success has now come down to partnerships —they connect advertisers with publishers in order to make them reach new audiences and influence repetitive purchases. Their solutions create a comprehensive strategy that enables authentic incremental revenue and is regularly optimized for performance.

Commission Junction: In affiliate marketing, it’s not always limited to who all you know, it’s majorly about quality. Commission Junction work along with twice as many Internet Retailer 500 companies as their competitors, so that their publishers have an easy access to the top national and international brands and various offers under one account, in one network. And with the reference to 2012 AffiliateBenchmarks survey, publishers also prefer Commission Junction 2-to-1, so their advertisers partner with the best partners. Bar none.

Rakuten Linkshare: Rakuten Linkshare is a global number-1 CPS Affiliate Network. Rakuten has its own dedicated marketing team that especially works for Cost Per Sale Campaigns. Rakuten Linkshare is ahead of its competitors because of its, International capabilities, quality support, and superior work strength. Rakuten Linkshare is already favorite of many advertisers and publishers and has a strong clientele of over 4000 brands across the globe. If you have a desire for volume sales or high affiliate commission, Rakuten Linkshare is the best option for your Cost Per Sale campaigns.

ClickBank: ClickBank is another massively popular Cost Per Sale Network. It is considered as a champion of digital product promoters. However, you may also find a wide variety of products being sold via them. The products are often from the sports, travel, home hobby, parenting, and lifestyle categories. It has incorporated the latest technologies to stand itself as one reliable, and fruitful platform for both advertisers and publishers in order to make profits for their online business. ClickBank’s clientele can be assumed on the fact that they register 30,000 transactions a day in 190 countries around the globe.

We hope we have been successful in explaining CPS Affiliate Networking to you. If you have any query, suggestion or feedback feel free to drop us a comment.

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