Apple HomePod Launching Soon

Much Awaited Apple HomePod got approval from FCC. And this is the sign that it could launch soon. Apple has not announced an exact date of launching yet.

Apple Homepod launching soon

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The HomePod is a smart speaker like Amazon Echo and Google Home Mini. The HomePod was going to launch last year but for few reasons it delayed. But by this approval, it is confirmed that Apple’s smart speaker will launch soon.

HomePod will be available in two colors first is white and second is black. It uses the Apple’s personal assistant Siri. It has 6 mics to listen to your queries, question, and of course ‘Hey, Siri’ voice trigger to wake up.

Apple’s HomePod will be a tough competition for Amazon Echo and Google’s smart speakers. HomePod will come with a price tag of $349.

Source: FCC