This App Deserves Space On Your Precious Mobile Phone Storage

It might just be your new can’t-live-without app.

When you download an app, it uses your mobile storage—so it best provides you with value, right?

You likely have apps that support your day-to-day life in terms of your routine, but what about your wallet? Do you currently have access to apps that instantly save you money?

The Evolution of Technology Online

Online Technology

Did you know that today, nearly nine out of 10 Americans are online?

More specifically, around 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone. Meaning, you can access just about anything within a few quick taps. Although convenient, not all mobile services and apps enhance your experience, time and time again.

To better assess how people are using their phone, let’s take a look at some research. Within a 2015 survey, it was found that 19.6 percent of respondents preferred a mobile browser (vs desktop), and when it came to mobile apps, you may be able to relate to this common user experience.

Of those surveyed, 28.3 percent said that mobile apps enhance the experience based on additional features and capabilities—but they disliked the amount of storage these apps used. It’s frustrating when you download app after app, only to find that you no longer have storage for what matters.

Those surveyed also stated that these apps did not provide access to everything they were looking for in one place. When it comes to shopping online, for instance, all of these individual apps can end up becoming more of a hassle than a support system.

When you look at your mobile phone, what types of apps have you accumulated? Can you relate to what these respondents had to say?

Piggy—The Game-Changing, Money-Saving Mobile App

Now, after examining your mobile phone, ask yourself, which of your current apps truly add value to your life. Better yet, which apps help you save time and money?

Considering nearly 80 percent of Americans now shop online, there’s one app that you won’t want to miss out on. Helping shoppers maximize their savings, without maxing out their storage, Piggy may be just what you’ve been searching for!

If you shop online often, you may already have a few apps on your phone, created by some of your favorite retailers. Although these can increase convenience, they can take up a lot of storage on your phone and they do not necessarily help you save money.

This is where Piggy comes into play, offering you a one-stop shop that optimizes your buying experience while saving you a ton of cash. Best of all, this free browser extension and the Android and the iOS app could not be easier to use.

Simply download to your Apple or Android device and you’re ready to save! With access to nearly 2,000 big-name stores, including Target, Best Buy, and JCPenney, you’ll not only receive instant coupons applied directly to your purchase but also cash back on almost everything you buy.

Gone are the days of searching through store deal after store deal, without any progress. Now, all you need to do is access your Piggy app—where all the heavy lifting has been done for you!

Here are just a couple examples of how you can save BIG:

  • Receive two pairs of sunglasses for $40; receive 20 percent off Breville Juicers; and so much more at Macy’s. These coupons are automatically applied to your checkout cart, and then you receive 5 percent cash back. You actually get paid to shop, all while benefiting from exclusive offers.
  • With so many coupons to choose from, you won’t know where to begin. At, receive free shipping and free returns; take $20 off $100+ when shopping at Crocs; receive an extra 15 percent off of fine jewelry at Sears, and the list goes on.

Piggy is certainly an app worthy of your storage. Quit wasting time and money—check out the available savings today!

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